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How To Create an Online Store (ecommerce) – EASY! How to create an ecommerce online store using wordpress. Make your online store stand out from the crowd by following this step by step video. With this video you will build your store in about 1 hour and it will be more professional than what most web developers will give you. This is also a online mobile website store.
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Pondscape us – Clients – Ocean Design Aquarium – Store Tour

This video uses a song by Independent Artist, Time Warrior (that being me :-) called “Beer Ruined All Your Dreams — Instrumental Version”. This music is the backdrop to the video, which displays the Fresh Water Fish Stock over at Ocean Design Aquarium. I – the creator of this video — run Pondscape — where as Ocean Design is one of our clients. In short — this isn’t my store :-) They carry a diverse selection of quality freshwater fish & live plants. Some are provided by Pondscape and some are not. Some are provided by other private breeders. Their fish are carefully monitored daily and treated when necessary. Ocean Design Aquarium stocks Cichlids which are originally nativeto Africa, South America and Central America. They also stock many live bearers, Tetras, Gouramis and Plecostemus/catfish. A variety of odd balls such as Knife Fish, Arrowanas, Rainbows and many others. They carefully hand select many of their fish including fancy Goldfish and Koi (which is just another more fancy type of Goldfish). Sometimes they do not have certain fish in stock if they cannot locate healthy specimens. Quality is chosen over price and or quantity. Shipments of freshwater fish are received weekly and shipments of beautiful live plants 2 to 3 per month. Pondscape Website: Ocean Design Aquarium Website The megamix is a lot longer than this video. The FULL MP3 for the song (with lyrics, too!) can be Downloaded from here Just
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