Seacret Direct Compensation Plan – Money and Lies Seacret Direct Compensation Plan – Money and Lies In this Seacret Direct compensation plan vid…
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Day 37 Time Management Strategy – What are your key constraints? This is day 37 of our 90-day video challenge with another time management strategy from Bria…
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  • Antonio Simpkins says:


  • Karen Johnson says:

    Hello Jessica, thank you so much for your honesty. I love the video. I’m
    80% away from Bronze. My main focus are creating great leaders and so far
    it’s been working. Seacret is by fare one of the best company’s I’ve been
    with in a long time, and I really must say I finally found an opportunity
    that works best for me. The payout is amazing. May you have continue
    success in Seacret and in everything you do.

  • phareke . says:

    Hi Jessica! Thank you so much for this video break down. I’ve been with
    Seacret for 3 weeks now. My friends are making a LOT of money in this
    company and my skin is feeling and looking great so, I got started. This
    video is another example of the support that comes with starting a Seacret
    business and I think that is great. Thanks xo

    Shawn Phareke Frazer

  • Courtenay-Vlad Bondarchuk says:

    I am a soon to be Gold agent with Seacret.. its been an amazing ride! I
    have a very strong team and seem to be adding at least 3 agents a week!
    LOVE This. I love being an amazing mentor .. its all about teamwork. I find
    I don’t worry to much on all the ways to make money I just accept it as it
    comes, weekly.. along with the car bonus to pay for my new BMW!

  • Sarah Drapeau says:

    There is no longer a “Life Style” Bonus. it is a part of the “Drive Your
    Dream” Bonus which is a cash bonus to use as you please, not necessarily a
    car bonus.
    Seacret also Created a new rank, whereas now the Drive Your Dream Bonus
    elevates to $6000 per month. VERY possible to make Great money with

  • theory816 says:

    Thanks girl

  • Seacret Direct Online says:
  • Joyce GriffinLatimer says:

    Thanks, Gina, yes, it is critical to identify your key constraints in order
    to bring success to a project. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Gina Kuhn Armstrong says:

    Great job, Joyce. You are right, sometimes digging deep to ask “What are
    your key constraints?” can be very eye-opening. Thanks for sharing the

  • Joyce GriffinLatimer says:

    Thanks, Linda, identifying your key constraints is critical to success.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  • Linda Nichols says:

    Thank you Joyce, being aware of your key constraints can be so helpful.
    Know what they are and fix them.:-) Great info, thanks