Professional Web Designer Tutorial – Exporting HTML vs. Saving as Xara web file Lesson 34

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9 Responses to Professional Web Designer Tutorial – Exporting HTML vs. Saving as Xara web file Lesson 34

  • Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary, Inc says:

    Thank you so much for all these tutorials! You do not know how many times
    you have saved my bacon! Is there an easy place I can find all of them in a

  • xaratemplate says:

    Yes, on our YouTube channel page we a have a playlist, which will organize
    the videos in proper order. The video series starts with lesson 00 and goes
    to 130+ videos as of today. However that number will grow as we add new
    videos. There are other playlist for different types of tutorials so feel
    free to look around. I will send you a link via messaging system on YouTube
    because it want let me post it in comments section.

  • Mohammed Naseer says:

    Hi – I have found this very useful and was wondering if you could help me
    figure out how to add a Facebook send button in Xara Designer Pro X as I am
    unable to see the send button when I add the code to HTML Body of place
    holder which happens to be a rectangle I drew on the page

  • xaratemplate says:

    Also make sure your rectangle object is on the mouse-off layer in Xara so
    that it is visible at all times.

  • xaratemplate says:

    I have made a xara tutorial on how to add a facebook send button as of
    today. Watch Xara Tutorial Lesson 52 and it will walk you through the
    process of adding a facebook send button. Let me know if that helps.

  • xaratemplate says:

    Make sure the object is on a visible layer within Xara Page and Layers
    gallery. I recommend that you take a look at Xara Tutorial Lesson 12 and 13
    to learn more about managing layers. If that doesn’t fix problem I will
    have to do some research to see why it is not adding it correctly for you.

  • xaratemplate says:

    I did some more research and from what I’ve read I think it only shows once
    you upload website to your server. I would try that and see if it displays
    it. In other words when you preview website in Xara it want show but once
    uploaded to your website server according information I read it will
    display it. Hopefully that helps.

  • xaratemplate says:

    I am not sure why Xara Web Designer is giving you that error. This type of
    question may be answered best in the web design forum at talkgraphics. I
    will send you a private message with link because youtube doesn’t allow
    posting links in comments. One of the moderators their should be able to
    help you out. I don’t deal a lot with FTP errors and sometimes I use an
    external program for uploading my website so I wouldn’t be the best to
    answer your web design question.

  • bob allen says:

    getting”ftp session was terminated” ??